Monday in the Middle

Mom’s birthday was this week.  She turned 87.  All in all, she’s still in pretty good shape.  Her memory is getting a bit shakier by the day, but she can still remember the weather report and the date of her next doctor appoint – even if it’s 6 months away.

To celebrate, our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter came over with little white takeout boxes of Chinese for dinner.  Bill had gotten Mom chocolate cupcakes with mint frosting and we put a candle on top and sang happy birthday to her.  Our daughter called to wish her grandma a happy 87th, but Mom didn’t recognize her voice right away and thought it was a crank call.  Later in the evening, after Ryan, Jamie and Olivia had gone home, my brother called from Michigan to wish her a happy birthday.

“It’s been very nice, but I don’t know why everyone is telling me happy birthday today,” we overheard her say to Dave.

After a pause, she replied “Because my birthday is on the 10th.”

I yelled from the Arizona Room, “Mom, this is the 10th.”  She didn’t hear me, but apparently Dave said the same thing to her.

“No it isn’t,” she argued.  “The 10th is tomorrow, on Tuesday.”

After a brief silence she responded, “Yes it is.  I have a calendar right here in front of me.  It says Monday is the 9th and Tuesday is the 10th.”

I rolled my eyes at Bill and went into the living room to check out the calendar.  I was convinced she was using one from 2011, but I was wrong.  It was a small, playing-card-sized 2012 calendar.  I watched as she further explained her logic to my brother.

“See, here’s Monday, the 9th, and tomorrow is Tuesday, the 10th, she said, cradling the phone against her shoulder and pointing to the first date in the current week.

“No, Mom, that’s Sunday,” I said loudly since the receiver was up against her good ear.  “Calendar weeks start on Sunday.”

“Oh,” she replied.  “Well then, I guess it’s because Saturday and Sunday aren’t together.  It would be easier if Monday was in the middle somewhere,” she continued as an explanation to my brother.  “That would be less confusing.”



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