Brain Power

I found it ironic this morning that, when I wandered into the living room in search of my missing coffee mug, Mom stopped me with a finger point at the TV.

“Look what’s on, Patty,” she instructed with raised eyebrows and a knowing nod.

“What?” I asked, glancing from coffee table to buffet in the hopes of spotting my quickly cooling coffee.

“It’s a show about your brain,” she informed me.

“Well I’ve apparently lost mine, along with my coffee,” I answered, paying closer attention to the TV screen.

“It’s going to tell me how to get my brain back,” she said, settling in for the half hour it would take to watch the program.

“I didn’t know it was missing,” I replied.  “Besides, this isn’t a real program.  It’s an infomercial and that guy’s not a real doctor, he’s an actor.”

“Oh, and how do you know that, smart pants?”

“Because you watch the same thing every Sunday.  It’s on before the water softening infomercial.”

“Well, I don’t know about that,” she pouted.  “I’ll just have to watch it and see.  I think you’re thinking of something else.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right, Mom.  Obviously, I’ve already lost my brains if I can’t even find my coffee mug.”

“You probably left them with your coffee,” she quipped.

“Was that a joke?” I said with a smile.  “You just cracked a joke!”

“I can be funny sometimes,” she said, smiling back at me.  “it’s just that no one usually gets it except me.”

“Well I think your brain’s just fine,” I said as I left the room.

“At least it is today!” she called after me, turning up the volume on the TV.


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