Lavern and Shirley and Me

After Mom’s fall, the hospital admitted her to a rehab center to get her strength back.  Bill and I went to see her the other day and as the visit wound down, she grabbed the TV remote and turned on the TV.  A talk show, maybe The View or The Talk, I’m not sure which, popped onto the screen.  It was one of those ladies talk shows with several female hosts – most with opinions I either don’t agree with or don’t care about.  Anyway, the women were interviewing Penny Marshall.  As I was retrieving my purse from the wheelchair parked at the end of her bed, she stopped me.  “Look,” she exclaimed.  “That’s Penny Marshall!”

I glanced up at the TV, which was mounted on the wall opposite her bed and, sure enough, there was Penny Marshall, perched in a comfy chair, shooting the breeze with the other women.  “It certainly is,” I commented as I leaned over and gave her a kiss goodbye.

“She sure looks different,” Mom said.

“Well, Mom, she’s not a kid anymore.  She’s my age and she looks kind of like me… older and fatter,” I said, chuckling at my own sense of humor.

“Ah yup,” came the reply from the bed, as she snuggled in and stared at the screen.

“Ah yup?” I asked Bill as we left the room and walked down the hall towards the lobby.  “She couldn’t have said, oh Patty, you’re not that old.  Or, oh Patty, you’re not that fat.  All I get is ah yup?”

“Ah yup,” he said, with a grin.  “That’s all you get.”


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