Pop Top

While Mom was in rehab after falling and breaking her arm, her physical therapist noticed that her wedding ring was pretty tight and told Mom she needed to take it off.  Unfortunately, due to weight gain compounded with arthritis in her finger joints, she couldn’t budge it from her finger, which prompted a call home.

“Hello?” I said somewhat hesitantly after seeing an unfamiliar number on caller ID.

“Hello?  Patty?” Mom shouted from her end of the line.

“Hi, Mom.  What’s up?  I was just getting ready to come and see you.”

“I need you to bring my ring remover,” she instructed.  “It’s in my bedroom on the dresser.”

I rolled my eyes as I hung up and went into her room to locate the “ring remover.”  What she was referring to is a small plastic device, labeled “Finger Mate – Alternate Opening Method.”  The instructions state “Place one prong under top of ring and lift up.”  This gadget is, in fact, a pop-top remover for things like soda cans.  But, because it contains the words “Finger” and “Ring” she insists it’s a tool to help remove rings from swollen fingers.

Fifteen minutes later I walked into her room with the Finger Mate in my purse, ready to be put into service.  She jammed it under the band of her wedding ring and proceeded to twist and turn it, but to no avail.  Finally, a maintenance man was called in and he ended up removing the ring by cutting it from her finger.  Before he left, he glanced down and saw the Finger Mate laying on her bedside table.  “Cool pop top opener,” he exclaimed.  “My wife swears by ours.”

“Oh, does she have trouble getting her ring off too?” Mom asked.

“All I know is, if she doesn’t use it, she breaks a nail every time,” he replied.

“Well I’m guessing if my ring got any tighter it might have broken my whole finger, not just my nail,” she finished with a nod and a smile.



One Comment on “Pop Top”

  1. Actually, the Finger Mate “easy opener” is designed to be used with Finger Mate expandable ring shanks. A Finger Mate expandable ring shank replaces the existing shank on a ring, opens to allow the ring to go over the knuckle, and then locks closed in the wearing position. Most people can operate it just by pulling up on the top of the ring. But, for those that don’t have enough strength in their hands, they can use the “easy opener” to help the ring open when being worn.

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