Flash Me Not

There was a news story on about a man that’s been flashing people along one of the water canal’s.  The canals provide irrigation water to communities throughout the valley and many have walking/bike paths stretching along either side of them.  This particular canal was in Gilbert, a community south of Phoenix.  Over the past few days, the story continued to unfold until it was finally reported that the man was probably in his fifties and had a sizable “beer belly.”

“Well that’s just stupid,” Mom exclaimed after this information was revealed on the evening news.

“What’s stupid?” I asked.  “The fact that he’s flashing people or that he’s fat?”

“All three,” she said.  “What makes him think he looks that great that women would even want to see him naked?  I know I sure wouldn’t.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with him thinking he’s attractive,” I explained.  “He’s mentally ill.  He probably needs to be put away somewhere so he can get some therapy.”

“And some really good drugs,” Bill threw in.

“Right.  And some clothes wouldn’t hurt either,” she concluded with a huff.


One Comment on “Flash Me Not”

  1. Karen Riley says:

    Elaine, middle Carpenter daughter, is as funny as Whirley Shirley with the one-liners!

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