People Are Funny

As I was cutting through the living room on the way to the garage to get the clean towels out of the dryer, Mom pulled me up short with “Patty!”  As I skidded to a stop and turned to look at her, she continued.  “I’m watching People Are Funny,” she informed me with a smile.

“All righty,” I responded, glancing at the cell carrier commercial playing on the screen.  “And are they?  Funny I mean,” I asked.

She just grinned and nodded, so I did the same, then turned back in the direction of the Arizona Room and the door to the garage.

I quickly unload the towels since the inside of the garage was hotter than the inside of the dryer, which only stopped it’s anti-bacterial hot cycle 30 seconds before I’d gotten there.  As I walked back through the living room with an armful of warm towels, Mom stopped me again.

“It’s on now,” she informed me.  “It’s an award show for the funniest people.”

“Really?” I replied, somewhat confused by the big ‘AFV’ logo on the screen.  “It looks like America’s Funniest Home Videos to me.”

Instead of looking at the TV, where the host, Tom Bergeron, had just walked onto the set amidst cheers and applause from the well-prompted audience, she grabbed up her TV magazine and began furiously thumbing through the pages until she got to the right day.  I stood patiently, perspiring on my armful of clean, hot towels, while she located the entry.

“Hmmm, I guess you’re right,” she conceded, stashing the guide back into its hiding place under a throw pillow.

“Well, it’s about funny people, so you were mostly right,” I said.

“Sort of,” she replied as I started to leave the room.  “But mostly it’s stupid people doing even stupider things.  Maybe it should be called People Are Stupid.”

“I think you’re on to something,” I called to her from the hallway.


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