Tissues and Stingrays

The grand kids were over for a few days the week after the 4th of July.  Amber, our nine-almost-ten year old and I were in the office and I was watching her play the Sims.  Bill was in our bedroom, stretched out on the bed with Jack and they were watching River Monsters.  The latest find was a huge fresh water ray that could take down a full grown horse.  I popped my head through the doorway to see how the ‘guys’ were doing and Jack gave me a full report on this dangerous and deadly beast.

“Nana,” he exclaimed, sitting up straight and pointing at the dead ray that was hanging from a gallows-like contraption on the dock.  “See that giant stingray?  If it wanted to it could sting through 50 tissues.  Maybe even a whole box full of them.  That’s how big his stinger is on his tail.”

“Tissues?” I asked, somewhat confused, but inspired nonetheless by Jack’s enthusiasm.

“Sure, you know, like Kleenex,” he said as he snuggled back down into my pillow.

I looked at Bill and he just smiled and said, “It injects a flesh-eating venom from its barb that eats through tissue layers.  But I’m betting if that sucker stung you, you’d probably need a whole box of Kleenex just to stop the bleeding.  Right, Jack?”

“Right, Papa.  And maybe a whole box of band aids, too.”



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