What Happens in Vegas…

Bill and I went to Las Vegas for a couple of days to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  What we really wanted to do was go on an Alaskan cruise, but leaving Mom alone for 7 or 8 days was out of the question.  So we jumped in the car and hit the road for a fun 4 ½ hour drive through the Joshua Tree Forest, over the new Hoover Dam bridge, past Lake Meade and on into downtown Vegas to the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.  We decided that, since we had such a short time in town it might be fun to explore Fremont Street.  I hadn’t been there in over 30 years – when it was still just a street, not an “experience” – and Bill had never been there.

We checked into Rush Tower, the newest addition to the square-block complex that comprised the Golden Nugget, and made our way up to the 12th floor and our Junior Suite, corner room.

I’m sure the neighbors in the room next door, who had a “Privacy Please” placard hanging on their door, thought we were sex-crazed maniacs.  From the moment we walked into the foyer – yes, the room had an actual foyer, resplendent with a chandelier – and proceeded into the rest of the suite, I began to utter “Oh My God” with increasing volume.

There were two large flat-screen, high-def TV’s, one on the wall in front of the leather sectional that defined the living area and the other above the dresser for viewing from the comfort of the down covered king-size bed.   A large picture window overlooked Fremont street; the another overlooked the pool, which wrapped around a gigantic fish tank that was populated with several very, very large sharks.  Remember the CSI episode with the shark?  This is the place.

Then there was the bathroom.  Twin white porcelain bowls mounted atop a long granite counter where there was room both on top and on shelves below for ALL of our stuff.  No fighting over who got to spit out toothpaste first or whether the blow dryer or the mustache trimmer got plugged in or if the after-shower clothes got to rest on the toilet seat instead of the floor because the toilet was needed for other purposes.  And, speaking of toilets, this one was tastefully contained within its own water closet, which is where all decent toilets belong.

The “Oh My Gods” were reaching a frenzied pitch… and then we opened the sliding glass door to the shower.  There, revealed in all its white marble splendor was a  large Jacuzzi tub and an enormous rain shower showerhead.  I screamed in ecstasy and the neighbors started banging on the wall.

We were so excited, we celebrated our 25 amazing years together by giving the casino $175 for the privilege of letting us play with their slot machines followed by a wonderful meal, a bottle of not-to-expensive wine and his and her splat balls.  The meal will be out of our system in a day, but splat balls, like our marriage, are forever!


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