The Hairy Edge

Mom is fascinated with Hillary Clinton’s hair.  Go figure.  This may have been going on since the Clinton administration but, since I didn’t live with her then, I’m really not sure.  All I do know is that since Hillary has became Obama’s Secretary of State, Mom has been keeping close tabs on her changing hair styles.  I wrote about it once in Don’t Poo-Poo the New Do, but it’s time for an update.

The latest interest seems to be with Hillary’s ponytail.  I can’t get a handle on whether Mom approves or disapproves of it, just that she seems almost obsessive about it.  She’s constantly drawing my attention to shots of Hillary on TV and in print.  There was a recent news clip of her speaking in some foreign country or another and Mom almost tackled me the other day to get my attention as I was passing through the living room.

“Lookit, lookit, Patty,” she cried out.  I came to an abrupt stop at the mouth of the hall and spun around to face her.  I was anticipating some newsworthy event had, or was about to happen – like maybe she was levitating above the couch.

“See there, Hillary’s wearing her hair in a ponytail.  Look, look, she’s on TV,” she continued, gesturing towards the screen at the other end of the room.

I gave the television a token glance and said, “Yup, she sure is,” then turned to continue my trip down the hall.

“It must be because it’s easier to take care of,” Mom mused as I walked away.  “She’s always traveling and I’m sure she doesn’t have any hair girls to help her out.”

“Don’t bet on it!” I called out just before I closed the bathroom door.  “Hair Girls probably account for a couple of those 84,000 jobs Obama created this month!”



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