The Water Pot

“The birds sure do like that thingy,” Mom stated as she stared out the dining room window.

“Which ‘thingy’ is that?” Bill asked from the couch in the Arizona Room.

“You know, that thingy they like to sit on out there,” she offered as clarification.

“The patio table?”

“No, the other one,” she replied.

“The patio chairs?”

“No, the water pot,” she explained as she lost interest and meandered toward her loveseat.

“Water pot?” Bill repeated, looking across the couch at me for clarification.  I just shrugged, content to let him continue the conversation, which he did, by asking the obvious question,  “What are you talking about?”

“You know, the water pot that the birds like to sit on.”

“Are you talking about the bird bath?”

“That’s what I said,” she replied, pressing the ON button on the remote.  The volume exploded out of the TV from a car chase on an afternoon rerun of Cops.

“No you didn’t,” he yelled over the sudden burst of tire screeching and sirens coming from the living room.  “You said thingy!”

“You know what I meant.  By the way, did you see the empty bottle of Hawthorn Berry pills on the microwave,” she hollered back at him.

He apparently chose not to continue shouting over the TV and wandered into the living room.  “Yeah, I’ll order you some more.  What’s that stuff for any way?”

“Oh, it’s suppose to help with brain function,” she said.  ”

“And how’s that working out for you?” he said over his shoulder as he walked back into the Arizona Room.

“Pretty good, I guess.  It’s probably why I can still do my crosswords every day,” she finished with a grin.

“And wouldn’t you just love to see her answers to some of those completed puzzles?” I commented.  “Another name for bird bath?  Hmmm, how about bird bowl.  No wait, maybe water pot!  Same number of letters, so I guess either one would fit.”


3 Comments on “The Water Pot”

  1. Funny post! (and is it a cycle? Both the young and the old with the creative vocabulary?)

    • Patt says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m happy it gave you a chuckle. Yes, I guess both generations in this household have a somewhat creative vocabulary, it’s just that Mom doesn’t realize how funny she is. Hope you come back occasionally for another read.

      • Mel Nielsen says:

        Patt, we will be back not just to read your blog but to visit our house in Nov.
        Jeanne’s brother and sister will be coming with us. We should be there from Nov 1, thru Nov. 14th.
        I have also enjoyed your book a lot.
        Tell Bill I said hi and we will see you in about 3 months or so.
        Mel & Jeanne Nielsen

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