I Lost My Independix

Bill and I took Jack and Amber to DQ during a recent visit.  We were happily munching and slurping up our various treats while 7-year-old Jack was in the middle of explaining to us how Michele Obama was a hypnotist because she tells everyone to only eat vegetable but then she sneaks around and eats barbecued ribs.  Bill and I had to agree with him on that one.  Once that bit of insight was out of the way, he insisted we all taste his lemon-lime Arctic Blast.  I was the first to take a sip and thought I hid my grimace pretty well.  Bill made a slight gagging sound, but all in all, managed to disguise his revulsion.  Amber, on the other hand, who is a professional drama queen when she’s not preparing for her upcoming year in the 5th grade, let out a loud screech, contorted her face into something resembling the Scream mask, and loudly announced that “this is the most awful, replusating, disgusting stuff I’ve ever eaten in my entire life!”

Jack calmly took a sip of the slushy green concoction and proclaimed the icy treat to be “one of the best inventions that Dairy Queen has ever made.”

“No it’s not,’ argued Amber.  “It’s terrible and I don’t know how you can even eat it.”

“It’s easy,” he said, taking another sip.  “Ever since I had my independix taken out, I lost my flavor sack so I can eat all kinds of stuff and not taste it.”

Bill and I looked at each other with a blank stare until Amber broke in.

“Jack, it your appendix, not independix.  And what in the world is a flavor sack any way?”

“It’s the part of the independix where everything gets tasted.  Everyone knows that.”

“No it isn’t,” she argued.  “Your tongue is where everything gets tasted.  On your taste buds.  That’s why they’re called ‘taste buds’.”

“Well I taste my stuff with my flavor sack and now that it’s gone, I can’t taste anything.  I could even eat mushrooms if I wanted and they taste like turds.”

Bill and I love our trips to DQ with our grand kids!


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