Drone On

While Bill and I cleared the breakfast dishes from the kitchen table Mom watched a Sunday morning news program.  They were discussing civilian drones and had two commentators, one who thought the use of drones for any reason other than militarily was wrong and the other who thought they could be useful for specific applications, like wildfire control and crop rotation.

As I took Mom’s empty plate and coffee mug from in front of her, she suddenly commented, “That happened at a pool party, you know.”

I paused and glanced at the TV archive footage of a drone flying high over an anonymous desert somewhere, before I asked, “What happened at a pool party?”

“Someone got shot.  I can’t figure out why someone would bring a gun to a pool party.  That’s just stupid.”

“So there was a drone over the pool party?”

“No.  Why would there be a drone at a pool party?”

“Not at, Mom, over.  You know, flying over the pool party.  Is that how they saw the shooting?”

“No, the police got called by some neighbors.  It was just a bunch of college kids.  Why would you think there was a drone at the party?”

“Because you were watching the news story about drones and then you said someone got shot.  I just assumed it had something to do with what you were watching on the television,” I explained.

“Oh, that.  I wasn’t paying any attention to that.  It was in the paper.  Yesterday, I think,” she said, getting up and angling her walker out the doorway.  “Or maybe last week.  I’m taking a shower now,” she said over her shoulder as she made her way down the hall.

“Thanks, we really appreciate it,” Bill called after her while he loaded the dishwasher.  “It’s been a couple of weeks!”

“I know,” she yelled back.  “I appreciate it too!”


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