New Stuff In The Box

We recently got a free upgrade on all of our satellite receivers so that we now have whole-house DVR viewing.  The technician hadn’t been gone more than 15 minutes when Mom called out from her perch on the couch, “Bill!  The TV’s doing something.”

We were in the bedroom, gathering wallets and purses and putting on shoes because we were in the process of leaving to go on a quest for a pigeon guard.  The satellite tech said it would prevent the doves from perching on and pooping all over the dish.  Bill got his shoes on first and lumbered into the living room.

“What’s up?” he asked Mom, who was holding her electronic poker game in one hand and the satellite remote in the other.

“Something weird’s going on.  There’s no picture on the TV, just words,” she said, pointing the poker game toward the television on the opposite side of the room.

“It says it’s downloading software,” Bill said.  “It’s 24% done.”

“But why is it doing that?  The TV was just fine.”

“Because we got the new receivers and they need to be updated with current software,” he explained. walking toward the Arizona Room and the door to the garage.

“But the TV was fine.  Why does it need an update?” she asked.

“Not the TV, the satellite receiver,” he said, walking out of the house, assuming, foolishly, that the discussion was closed.

“But I thought they were new,” she said to the empty room.  “Why do they need to be fixed?

I came through the living room seconds after Bill left and was ready to follow him into the garage, when Mom called out, “Patty, there’s something wrong with the TV.”

I sighed, then walked back into the living room and patiently explained in Mom terminology what was going on.

“There’s new stuff going in the box to make the picture on the TV better.  It’s 42% done.  When it hits 100, your show will come back on by itself.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” she said, happily resuming her poker game in between glances at the progress bar on the TV screen.  “Oh, look” I heard her exclaim as I walked into the garage, “it’s up to 53%.”


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