Good Vibrations?

Bill had just come back into the kitchen after filling up the bird bath and checking on the new basil and chives that we’d planted in our raised herb garden in the back yard.  Mom was looking out the kitchen window, apparently staring at nothing in particular since there was a temporary lull in birdbath activity.

Coming out of her reverie she said, “Bill, did you feel anything?”

“What do you mean, did I feel anything?” Bill asked.  “Like what?”

“I don’t know,” she mused.  “Like the house vibrating maybe.”

“Why would the house be vibrating?” he asked as he stirred a pack of sweetener into his coffee.

“Well, the bird thingy was swinging back and forth and I thought maybe it was because the house was vibrating,” she explained.

“Do you mean the hummingbird feeder?”

“Yes.  It was moving by itself just now,” she said.

“Well maybe,” he commented as he proceeded to leave the room, “it was because a stupid wren was on it and it flew off when you sat down and it made the feeder swing… just like it always does every time a wren tries to get at the sugar water.”

“Maybe,” she muttered.  “Or maybe the house is just vibrating.”


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