The Mad Hatter

Bill and I went to Sedona last winter and I spotted a straw cowboy hat that I wanted to get to wear at the pool, but for reasons I can’t remember, I didn’t get it at the time.  Now that pool season’s started for the summer, we decided to escape the city heat and drive up for a day trip so I could buy it and, even more importantly, get some Mackinaw Island fudge at the Fudge Shop.

When we walked back into the house five hours later, I had my new hat on my head and a bag full of little white boxes of fudge in my hand – one for me, one for Bill and one for Mom.

“How was it?” Mom asked as we came through the door from the garage.

“Great,” I said.  “I got my pool hat.”

“Oh?  Well it’s a good thing you remembered and didn’t leave it there or someone would’ve taken it.”

“Leave it?” I said, somewhat confused.  “Leave what where?”

“Your hat.  At the pool.  You’re lucky no one took it.”

“No, I got it in Sedona,” I said, rummaging in the Fudge Shop bag for Mom’s box of plain chocolate.

“I thought you said you left it at the pool.  When did you leave it in Sedona?”

“I didn’t leave it in Sedona.  I bought it in Sedona,” I explained.

“Oh.  And then you left it at the pool.  You’re lucky no one took it.”  she replied, grabbing the fudge box and poking around for the little plastic knife.  “How was traffic?”

“Great, Mom.  No traffic at all,” I sighed.  “I’m just glad I got my hat.”

“You should be,” she replied, stabbing her chunk of fudge with the knife.  “You’re lucky no one took it.”

Did you know that turtle pecan fudge goes great with rum?

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