Domesticated Phone Spam

“You know those people who call you on the phone from foreign countries?” Mom asked in between bites of her turkey Subway.

“No, what people?” Bill asked.

“You know, those people that try to sell you stuff.”

“Like telemarketers?  Or scammers?” I asked.

“I guess so.  It’s six of one, seven of another.  Anyway, they won’t be calling from foreign countries anymore,” she said with a knowing nod.  “They’re putting a stop to it.”

“Who’s stopping it?” I asked.  “The government?”

“No, the companies.  They’re moving everyone over here.”

“Are you talking about customer service centers?” I asked.

“No, telephone callers from companies trying to sell you stuff,” she said with a loud sigh that spoke volumes about her opinion of my inability to comprehend what she was trying to say.

“Let me get this straight,”  Bill broke in, “Instead of hearing from some place like Nigeria or Jamaica, we’ll be getting calls we don’t want to buy stuff we don’t need from people we don’t know, but at least now they’ll be here the United States.  Is that about right?”

“Exactly!” she exclaimed, obviously delighted that Bill understood what she was talking about.  “So at least when they call to try to sell you something, you’ll be able to understand them before you turn them down.”

“Oh, well, that’ll make it a lot more palatable,” Bill said, rolling his eyes.  “I’d much rather have my dinner interrupted by an American.”

“I know,” she said.  “That’s just how I felt.  It’ll be much nicer talking to someone from here.”

2 Comments on “Domesticated Phone Spam”

  1. Well now that the economy is plateaued at the bottom and slightly recovering, they can get Americans to do the same reprehensible job for near the same cost as foreigners.

  2. LMAO, Closer to home!

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