Garage Sale Wisdom

Our neighbors had a Friday-Saturday garage sale.  We didn’t discover this until caravans of cars were driving past our house early Friday morning only to park two doors down at Art and Margret’s.  Since traffic seemed to be so brisk, we decided to leach off of their business and have a one-day-only sale on Saturday.  We’d been meaning to do it anyway, so we got out the folding tables, laid out our stash of items and opened for business at 8 AM on Saturday.

It was a dismal disappointment as far as sales, but, as usually happens when we have a garage sale, we met some really nice, very interesting and sometimes terrifically funny people.

One lady in particular had escaped her house to peruse the myriad of Sun City yard sales that day.  Her husband was in the early stages of dementia and she just needed to get away for an hour or two.  Bill and I could certainly sympathize with her frustration and we began comparing notes on her husband and Mom.

“It’s so hard,” she lamented.  “He doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything.  All he does is sit in front of the TV all day.”

“I know,” I commiserated.  “Mom’s the same way.  My brothers and my kids keep telling me to make her do things.  They don’t get that she’s independent, with a mind of her own and if she doesn’t want to do anything there’s not much we can do.”

“Tell me about it,” she said.  “My husband’s 6 foot 5 and there’s no way I can force him to do something he doesn’t want to do.  He won’t even listen to his doctor.”

“Well at least Mom listens to her doctor.  We’re pretty much idiots, but her doctor is almost omnificent,” I said.

“That’s how it should be,” she replied.  “But the last time my husband went for a checkup the doctor told him he was pre-diabetic.  Do you know what he said to the doctor?  Everyone’s pre-diabetic!”

Bill finally piped in on the conversation.  “Sort of like all women are pre-pregnant and anyone who has a beer is pre-alcoholic?” Bill said, taking a swallow of the Coor’s Light he’d been nursing.  “Sounds like a pretty smart guy to me.”


One Comment on “Garage Sale Wisdom”

  1. britneyana says:

    That is what I said when my grandma was told she was pre-diabetic – aren’t we all?

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