I think I’ve mentioned once or twice or twelve times that Mom has no taste buds.  I don’t mean this literally, just that she doesn’t seem to be able to taste much unless it comes out of a preservative and salt-laden dinner-in-a-box or is frozen into an icy TV dinner chunk and prepared by nuking it for 4 minutes.  Maybe this is because she seems to have also lost her sense of smell.  This is evidenced by her failure to taste the difference between a beer brat and a Tilapia filet, as well as her inability to smell her own body odor after a shower-less week or two.

Bill refuses to cave-in to Mom’s thirst for cheap frozen meals and continues to prepare homemade dinners.  A couple of weekends ago, our son and granddaughter came over since Ryan’s wife was away on a business trip.  Bill decided to make something special since there would be someone beside me that might appreciate the meal – not to mention the effort it takes to prepare it. 

He made grilled chicken with a white barbecue sauce and served it with oven roasted herbed potatoes, and a marinated salad of artichoke hearts, mushrooms, julienned zucchini, black olives, and green onions.  After marinating for several hours, this yumminess is then tossed with leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella chunks and yes, it is DELICIOUS!

Ryan went crazy and pigged out on everything.  Our 11 month old granddaughter, Olivia, loved the potatoes and wolfed down the chicken meat and a side of applesauce that Ryan brought for her.  She screamed with delight – and I’m sure cudo’s for her Papa’s cooking skills – everytime she managed to place the food in her mouth and not on the floor.

Mom’s only comment on the entire meal?  “What’s this stuff in the lettuce?”

I rest my case!


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