Sponge On A Stick

“Do you think the next time you’re out shopping you could look for a sponge on a stick for me?” Mom asked.

I gave her a blank look as I tried to process exactly what it was she was asking for.   She seemed to notice my confusion, so she clarified.  “When I take a shower all the water doesn’t drain out and I need to wipe the water off the shelf,” she began.

“Shelf?  You mean where you keep your shampoo and soap?” I asked.

“No, the curved shelf in the corner,” she explained.  “The water just sits there and I think I should wipe it up.  I use my washcloth but I have to bend over and I’m afraid I’ll get tipsy and fall.”

“Shelf?” I asked again, sounding like a parrot that’s only learned one word.

“Yes, you know, on the floor,” she said.

“A shelf on the floor?” I muttered, mulling over in my mind what she meant.  Then, it dawned on me.  “Oh, you mean the seat!  In the corner!  Right?”

“That too, but mostly the water puddles on the shelf that sticks out from the seat,” she said.  “So if you could find me something like a sponge on a long stick I wouldn’t have to bend over.”

“Okay, I’ve got it now.  You mean the foot rest.  At the base of the seat,” I said, babbling slightly because I was so excited that I’d actually deciphered what she was describing.  “And you want a squeegee with a long handle to get the puddles off, right?”

“No, I’d rather have a sponge.  A squeegee is for glass and this is for the shower.  A sponge would work the best,” she said. “and the longer the stick the better.”

“Okey dokey, a sponge on a stick.  We’ll try to find something at Lowe’s or Home Depot.”

That was a month ago.  I’m mopping up her shower now and we’ve given up trying to find a sponge on a stick.


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