Momzilla vs Mothra

“If you’re going to the store we need bug spray!” Mom shouted from the living room.

“Why?” I shouted back from the bedroom where I was getting dressed.

“Because there’s a moth in the living room,” she yelled.

“I’ll have Bill catch it when he comes in from watering the garden,” I yelled back, zipping my pants and stepping into my Wicked Good slippers.

I walked into the living room where Mom was staring at the ceiling, so I looked up too.

“Is it up there?” I asked.

“No,” she replied.  “I picked up my Crossword magazine and it flew up and then went behind me to the window.”

“So, why are you staring at the ceiling?” I asked as I looked at the expanse of picture window directly behind her head and then under the blind for the wayward moth.

“Because it might fly up there and I want to be able to spot it.  You need to make sure you didn’t open a window that doesn’t have a screen in it,” she instructed.

“There aren’t any windows open that don’t have screens,” I assured her.   “If you see it again, yell and Bill will catch it,” I said, leaving the room and heading to the garage to warn Bill about the moth invasion.

“Well how else would a moth get in the house?” she called after me.

“Maybe it followed one of us in from outside,” I shouted, getting ready to shut the door.

“You need to watch out for that,” came her parting shot.  “They could get into the cushions and eat holes in my couch, you know!”

As the door clicked shut I whispered, “we should be so lucky!”


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