Sunday Morning Chit Chat

Hallelujah!  We woke up and discovered the weatherman was right for a change because it was raining for the first time in weeks and weeks.  The sky was nothing but big, fat, low-hanging gray clouds.  Bill quickly launched his weather radar app on the TV and we could see the yellow and blue and green waves of wonderful wetness that surrounded and covered Sun City.

By the time Mom got up, the rain had stopped, but we knew more was coming.  At one point, while I was setting the table and Bill was frying bacon and scrambling eggs for our Sunday morning sit-down breakfast, Mom looked briefly out the window and exclaimed “It sure is weird out there.”

“Out where?” I asked, setting down her vitamins and glass of ice water.

“Outside,” she said as she continued to fill in little blank boxes in her crossword magazine.  She doesn’t do the Sunday newspaper crossword because it’s too hard, even though the solved puzzle is shown a couple of pages away.

“What do you mean weird?” I asked.

“Well it’s supposed to be raining but the sun’s shining even though it’s cloudy,” she explained.

“There’s no sunshine,” I countered.  “That was only a lost sunbeam that came through a break in the clouds for the 5 seconds you took to looked out the window,” I explained, placing napkins and forks around the table.

“If you say so,” she said with a huff.  “But I saw what I saw and it was weird.”

“Not as weird as this conversation,” I heard Bill mutter.

Got to love Sundays.


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