The Sun Takes a Vacation Day

Mom got up the other  morning and shuffled into the kitchen, where Bill was making coffee and I was toasting bagels and cutting grapefruit.

“Morning,” he said, stirring sweetener into his mug.

“Morning,” she muttered, sitting down at the kitchen table and rummaging through the paper to the section that had the crosswords.

“How are you today?” I asked.

“I don’t know yet,” she responded dourly, smoothing the crease in the paper and reaching for a pen.

“All righty then,” Bill said, preparing to leave the room.

“I wonder if the sun will come up today?” Mom said, staring out the window.

“It’s already up, Mom.  It’s after 8.  It’s just cloudy,” Bill informed her.

“If you say so,” she said as she began filling in answers.  “We’ll just have to wait and see.  By the way, who’s the Star Wars robot?  It starts with either a B or a G, I think.”

And so goes our morning in sunny (or maybe not) Retirement Land.


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