Crazy Judy

The house across the street was used as a winter rental, and then the owners sold it last year.  The people who bought it are friends of our Snowbird neighbor, Fletch, and they also know John and Sue, who sold the house.  Fletch brokered the deal and Bill’s convinced that he did it so one more couple from Muskegon, Michigan could move into our neighborhood.  Their names are Mel and Jeannie and they’re very friendly and really nice.

There are certain perks having a winter rental across the street.  There’s the amazement value of watching the 350 pound-plus Wackermans from New Jersey turn lobster red from sunbathing in the middle of the driveway.  Then there’s the mystery of the four gentlemen renters from Wisconsin and wondering whether they are or aren’t.  Oh come on!  Four guys on vacation for a month in a two bedroom house?  And two of them are named Devon?  Definitely are!  And we can’t forget the police intervention when our neighbor Gisella called the sheriff to report a hobo at the rental house who had broken into the sun porch and was stripping off his dirty clothes.  When they finally showed up, he was stretched out naked on a lounge chair taking a snooze.  Come to find out he was the brother of the Colorado couple staying in the house last January and he would follow his brother and wife wherever they vacationed.  He’d show up once a month for a hot meal, a shower and to do laundry, then off he’d go again.  Apparently, it was a lifestyle choice.  Gisella knew all about it because these were repeat renters.  I asked why she’d called the sheriff if she knew who the hobo was.  She claimed she’d had enough when he decided to “expose his dirty naked body to the whole neighborhood” while he was waiting for his brother.

Because they both still work, Mel and Jeannie are using the house as a rental.  Jeannie came out in October, shortly after the sale closed, to get the house ready for their first Snowbird.  And this brings us to crazy Judy.

Her husband Michael drove Judy and her cat, Eduardo, out here from Indiana and then flew back home so she could have her car.  We were curious about why he would want to spend up to six months away from his wife.  Then we got to know her a bit.

The craziness showed itself shortly after her husband left when the landscapers showed up.  We see them everywhere throughout Sun City.  They come to trim palm trees and bushes, thin and shape citrus trees, cut back overgrown cactus and generally keep yards neat and clean.  The first time they showed up across the street, Judy dashed out of the house, ran to the curb, pounded her fists on the hood of their truck and went on a rant about parking too close to her driveway.  And these were the landscapers working at Fletch’s house next door.  When Jeannie’s landscaper came to pull out dead hedges, trim back some overgrown prickly pear cactus, and tidy up the yard, Judy stormed ouside, yelling that he’d ruined her vacation bliss and demanding that he get off her property.  Then she stomped back into the house and stood glaring out the screened security door with Eduardo in her arms, intermittently shouting at the workers and muttering at the cat, asking his opinion on the state of the yard and whether or not he approved of the landscapers and should they maybe call someone in authority, like her sister, to get them out of her yard.

A roofing salesman came to her door a couple of weeks ago.  He was part of the masses of roofing companies that swarm through Sun City starting in January.  Apparently, he tried to convince her she needed a new roof because he stood in the door way for at least five minutes, flipping pages in a binder and gesturing skyward until she must have either told him she was only a renter or she wasn’t interested.  After he left, she spend twenty minutes repeatedly circling the house, staring up at the roof.

And the other day as she was backing her little Yaris out of the garage, she engaged the keychain remote to close the door.  Except she hadn’t completely cleared the doorway.  In fact, she must have had a brain fart because she stopped half way out, so the door came down on her car’s roof.  Undeterred, she reopened the door, drove back inside, closed the door, opened it again, backed out and drove away – leaving the garage wide open.

So you see, having a vacation rental house across the street can be a form of free entertainment, plus it makes for lively conversation here at home and throughout the neighborhood.  We’ve decided that this is better than going to the movies.  We can pop our own popcorn, stare out the office window and there’s no pricey admission to pay.


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