Don’t Poo-Poo the New Do

I was sitting in the Arizona Room watching the tail end of The Five on Fox News Network when Mom wandered in with the mail.  They were showing a clip of Rush Limbaugh railing at some of the regulars on the show, then switched to the five panelists, who were commenting on the clip.

Mom stared at the screen for a few moments, then remarked, “You know, I really like the way Hilary is wearing her hair lately.  She’s got it tied back and I think it makes her look younger.”

I looked at Mom then back at the TV screen for confirmation before I said anything.  “That’s not Hilary Clinton, Mom.  That’s Dana Perino.”

“Well of course it is.  Why would you think she was Hilary Clinton?” she asked.

“Because you said you liked her new hair-do.”

“Not hers.  Hilary’s.  She doesn’t have anything to do with Hilary’s hair,” she countered.

“But why would you say you like Hilary’s hair when she isn’t on the show and no one’s even talking about her?” I asked, trying desperately to understand this entire conversation.

“Because if she was on, she’d look really good,” she replied.


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