Going, Going, Gone

Every night before dinner I bring Mom her evening pills, which are a bunch of assorted vitamins – her ice water and her glass of wine.  The glasses are placed on coasters within easy reach on the end table and her lap tray is dragged out from its hiding place between the her couch and end table.  This ritual always takes place during the local news because of the 6:00 dinner hour we must adhere to now that we’re living in retirement bliss.  The night after the New Year the news was doing their traditional recap of the well-known people that had died during 2011.

“Boy,” she commented as I set down her beverages and pills.  “They were just talking about all the people who died this year.  It’s really amazing.”

“Because there were quite a few?” I asked.

“No,” she replied.  “Because there were so many of them.  And, you know” she continued with a knowing nod, “they only listed the people we know because of their fame.”

“Well, Mom,” I said with a smile, “if they mentioned the old guy down the street, not too many people would recognize him.”

“You’re probably right.  I’m still just so amazed though.”

“At the number of people that are gone?”

“No, at how many of them kicked the bucket!”


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