Minty Fresh

It was time to make a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and banana run so Bill and I went to Safeway, where Breyer’s was on sale, for a little mid-week outing.  Bill snagged a small bunch of green bananas, I grabbed a container of green ice cream and we rendezvoused at checkout.  We left the store with our heads held high, proud that we had actually stuck to the list and not succumbed to grocery temptations, which is usually the case.

After dinner, I got the new ice cream out of the freezer and began to scoop out a blob for Mom when I noticed that it wasn’t Mint Chocolate Chip but Mint Chocolate Brownie instead.  I had a moment of panic, imagining that Mom wouldn’t like it and, not only would we have to make an emergency run to the store, but Bill and I would be stuck finishing the Mint Chocolate Brownie.  Not that it sounds like a bad flavor, but on principle I refuse to eat Mint ice cream of any kind.

I handed her the small bowl and watched her take the first bite before I said anything.  “How’s the ice cream, Mom?” I asked, holding my breath.

“Good.  The chips are sort of soft though,” she responded.  “Maybe you should turn up the cold in the freezer.”

“The freezer’s fine.  I accidently picked up a Mint Chocolate Brownie by mistake.  I hope you like it.”

She took another taste and smiled.  “It’s pretty okay,” she said.  “In fact I’ve heard of this flavor.  Everyone says it’s really good.”

I thought about that for a second, trying to figure out who ‘everyone’ was since the only people she talks to besides me and Bill is Drew Carey and the local weather guy.  “Where’d you hear that, Mom.”

“On TV.  I’ve seen this flavor advertised and everyone says it’s really good.  And they were right,” she said, gulping down another spoon full.

“Oh, the people in the commercial said it’s really good.  Well, I guess that’s an unbiased testimonial,” I responded, grateful for the occasional truth in advertising and Mom’s declining sense of taste.


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