I Feel Blue

Mom got up the other morning and wandered into the office where we were both checking email.  We thought she was coming in to say good morning.  We were wrong.

“Why’s the water blue?” she asked, somewhat alarmed.

“Water?  What water?” I asked.

“In my toilet.  I went to the bathroom this morning and when I got up to flush, the water was blue.

“It’s the new water color from the water company,” Bill said, never turning away from his PC.  “It’s so people will know there’s water in the toilet.  We got an email notice,” he continued, as he opened yet another spam mail.  “They’re going to change the color every quarter and then have a vote on the favorite.”

“Well that’s a relief,” she said, turning to go.  ” I was afraid it was coming out of me that way!”

I looked at the empty place where she had just been standing, then at Bill’s back.

“You realize now we have to find toilet tabs in different colors?” I asked.

“No we don’t,” he said, turning towards me.  “She’ll probably forget so we can just tell her the same story.  Maybe next time we should tell her it’s okay because we’re peeing blue too.”

“You’re a strange and perverted man,” I replied.

“I know.  But we’ve got to find our fun somewhere, right?”


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