Sun City Holiday Fun

Here in Sun City, the senior population loves to celebrate Christmas.  At least the residents that can stay awake long enough.  Bill was summarizing the activities for me that were listed in the Sun City paper.  Some of the highlights of the planned festivities include:

–  The Amazing Duck Race

–  A pie walk

–  A mini-golf hole-in-one contest

–  A Holiday Bizarre Bazaar, which includes items from the lost and found

Food, entertainment, including the annual synchronized swimming show by the Aqua Suns and, of course, the traditional Lighted Boat Parade on the lake are also part of the festivities.

Now, I can see buying a rubber ducky for a dollar and entering it in the race.  It might be fun and the money goes to charity.  I can also imagine attempting the pie walk and purchasing a, hopefully, non-stepped on pie.  Although it may be more fun to watch some of the seniors try to maneuver assorted canes, walkers and scooters through the pie walk maze.  Now that I think about it, a pie walk involving participants over the age of 70 sounds like a bad idea – at least for the pies.

Trying for a hole-in-one on the mini golf course would be good for a laugh and watching the Aqua Suns go through their aquatic paces could also be entertaining.  But paying money for stuff from the lost and found?  I’m sorry, but I’ve seen the items in the lost and found and they should remain lost.  Spongy hair curlers, ladies size 28 swimsuit, a 42-D bra, the lower half of a set of dentures, three golf balls and a pair of wrap-around sunglasses that could be used as a substitute for a welding safety helmet.

I’m not saying this stuff won’t get sold.  After all, I’ve had three garage sales here and seniors buy the most useless, ugly, strange stuff.  Like old wire hangers, used window screens, a 20-year old prescription pill book, a half empty bottle of window cleaner I accidently left out.  An ice scrapper! 

Bill and I are going to attend the festivities this year because it’s something we need to experience – possibly only once.

Merry Christmas to our family, friends and faithful readers.  Mom, Bill and I send you holiday hugs and wish you the best for the New Year!


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