Can You Hear Me Now?

Today was a very special day.  It started with a lunar eclipse that peaked just before sunrise.  And it’s Mom’s 86th birthday.  She was in the kitchen when my brother called this morning to wish her a happy birthday.  Bill and I were in the other end of the house checking email and messing around on our computers, but we could overhear bits and pieces of her end of the conversation, which went something like this:

“So… how’s the weather there?  It’s been pretty cold here.  They had snow up in that tourist place.  You know, that place where everyone goes.”

“Grand Canyon,” I yelled.

“That’s it.  And at the ski place up north.”

“Flagstaff,” Bill shouted.

“Right.  Flagstaff.  They opened up this weekend for skiing.”


“I don’t feel older except I know I am because I check the paper every day to see which celebrities are having birthdays and I don’t recognize any of the names.  And those are the ones that are turning 60!  I guess the one’s I’d know are already dead.”


“What?  I can’t hear you?  What?  What did you say?  Oh wait, I have the phone on my deaf ear.  There.  Can you hear me now?”


“Okay honey.  Thanks for calling.  I love you too.”

Happy Birthday Mom.


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