The Ahh No Bra

Over Thanksgiving dinner, my daughter, Dana, had an interesting idea for Christmas.  She thinks we should all buy an “As Seen On TV” item, put it in a bag, and have everyone pick one.  You can ‘take’ someone else’s item if you want, but you can only do it twice.  She thinks this will be fun – and it probably will be – but I think she just wants a Bra Baby or Easy Feet but is too embarrassed to buy it for herself.

During the ASOT discussion, Mom piped in with a question.  “What’s As Seen On TV?” she asked.

“It’s that stuff you order from Publisher’s Clearing House,” I replied.   “Remember, you were asking me about the Ahh Bra?  I got those from an As Seen On TV ad.”

“What’s an Ahh Bra?” our daughter-in-law, Jamie, asked.

“It’s this really great fitting bra and it’s very comfortable.  I’ll show you the one’s Patty gave me.  Remind me after dinner,” Mom said.

Later, when Bill and I were in the kitchen, loading the dish washer, Jamie walked in and leaned against the opposite counter.  She looked a little pale and had that deer-in-the-headlights look.

“Are you okay?” I asked, setting the last of a half a dozen used wine goblets into the top rack and coming over to her.

She looked up at me and whispered, “Your Mom just showed me the Ahh Bra.”

“Oh?  And…”

“It was still on her,” she said softly, a hint of horror creeping into her voice.

Bill and I gave each other a knowing glance and proceeded to, very sympathetically mind you, crack up.  “Sweetie,” I said, giving her a hug.  “Just be glad she kept the bra on!”


One Comment on “The Ahh No Bra”

  1. HaLin says:

    I can imagine your reaction on hearing her ‘confession’!:)

    You have a new reader, Patt. Keep the words flowing.

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