What A Crock

One of Bill’s favorite things to do is cook.  And one of the things he hates most is to cook.  Yes, it is a paradox, but true none the less.  It means a lot to him when he’s complimented on whatever he’s prepared.  After 24 years of marriage, I’ve learned this lesson and I always praise him for his culinary efforts.

With the holidays nearing, he’s on a quest for a larger crock pot.  We have a nice 3.5 quart pot that fits the needs of our little three-member family unit just fine.  But we’re having the kids and grand kids over for both Thanksgiving and Christmas since Mom has decided it’s too hard to get off her couch and go anywhere, and her 40-year-old kitchen, even after our remodel job, still contains an oven that’s better suited for an RV than a home.  So Bill is getting creative about how he’s going to prepare the holiday meals.

For Thanksgiving he’s using his newly acquired oil-free turkey fryer to cook the bird.  And he’s making crock pot stuffing and crock pot mashed potatoes.  This will leave room in the baby oven for the green bean casserole and the Vidalia onion casserole that our daughter Dana is bringing and keeps the toaster oven free for the dinner rolls.

He’s been surfing the net for the last week, trying to find the perfect 6 quart crock pot and he’s down to two choices: one that’s programmable and turns itself on warm automatically when the food is done, and the camo crock pot.  I don’t know what the appeal of a camouflage painted crock pot is – maybe it’s a guy thing – but he’s seriously considering buying it.  When I asked him why, he said that maybe, if he ever decides to use it outside, the rabbits wouldn’t notice it and try to eat our dinner.  Personally, I thinks he’s just trying to mess with Mom.


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