Christmas Confusion

The pre-Black Friday and pre-Christmas ads are dominating TV now that Halloween is over.  Bill and I were watching the local morning show on Fox when Mom woke up and wandered into the Arizona Room to say good morning.

“I remember lay away,” I said, commenting on a news story that was currently showing on the TV.  “But I don’t remember ever having to pay a ‘service fee’, do you, Bill?”

“Nope,” he responded, sipping his coffee.  “You put money down, pay a little every week until it’s paid off, then take it home.  And the whole deal didn’t cost anything except the price of whatever you bought.”

“Yeah,” Mom interjected.  “And, they never tell you how much those toys cost.”

Bill and I looked at each other and he mouthed “toys?”

“And especially those electronic ones,” she concluded, turning and heading off to the kitchen and her crossword and glass of OJ.

“Okay,” he whispered.  “What the heck was she talking about?”

“I honestly don’t know.  Who doesn’t tell you about the price of toys?  Was she talking about the news story, the stores?  I’ve got to admit, she’s got me baffled on this one,” I said with a shrug.

“So you think she figures you just keep paying and paying until the store says okay dokey, you’ve given us enough money, the toys are yours now?” he asked.  “Is that what she thinks the service fee is for?”

Suddenly Mom called out from the kitchen, “Plus they’re too darned expensive.  Might as well buy them a car or something.”

Oh, Lord, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!

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