Half Million Dollar Green Card

Quite often, when Mom sees a news story on TV or reads it in the paper, she only hears part of it or her interpretation of it is somewhat eschewed.  For example, the other day as I walked through the living room on my way to the garage, Mom called out to me. “Did you see the story about how if an illegal alien buys a $500,000 house they automatically get citizenship?” she asked.

I was pretty much dumbfounded.  I watched the 6:00 news and listened more carefully than I usually do – which means I actually paid attention.  There was nothing that even remotely resembled her claim.  I asked Bill if he’d seen anything on TV or heard anything on the radio that had to do with illegals buying half-million dollar houses.  He hadn’t.

So I went to the internet and, after some searching, came up with this story, as reported by the LA Times:

A bipartisan proposal in the Senate hopes to give out three-year visas to foreigners who drop $500,000 in cash on real estate in the United States.   Participants wouldn’t be allowed to work in the country without applying for another visa and would have to pay U.S. taxes.  The Los Angeles Times reports that the plan is designed to boost the still-flagging real estate market.

I have to admit, she got the facts of the story closer than usual.  Sort of like the following conversation we had a few months ago about another news story.  The teaser for the story came on just before a commercial break and hinted at a problem with children not receiving immunizations in Europe because of an Autism scare.

“They had this story on before and there’s a problem because a doctor told parents that if kids with Autism are vaccinated, it could kill them,´ Mom commented.  “So the parents didn’t get them their shots and now the kids are dying from the diseases.”

“That’s nuts,” I replied.  “Why would a vaccine be any different for a child with Autism.  It’s not like an allergy.”

“I don’t know, but that’s what they said.”

The full report played a few minutes later and explained a study conducted in Europe showed that, for some children, if they were given a “cocktail” vaccine, it might cause Autism.

Close enough in Mom World.


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