Thanksgiving Candy

The week before Halloween, Mom announced during dinner, “I think you should pick up a bag of candy to have for Thanksgiving.”

“What kind of candy?” I asked, curious that she suddenly thought this was important to serve with turkey and stuffing.

“Oh, I don’t care, whatever you guys think the kids will like,” she responded.

“Well, I’m sure Amber and Jack would like just about anything,” I said, still a little baffled by the request.

“No, no, not Amber and Jack, the other children,” she said.

“Mom, we only have three grand kids and I think Olivia’s a little young for candy.  I can’t even give her apple juice until she’s one,” I replied.

“Not our kids, the trick or treat kids,” she explained.  “I think we should have candy to give out.”

Now I understood.  It was holiday roulette.  “Okay,” I said.  “You want to have Halloween candy, not Thanksgiving candy.”

“Well that’s silly.  Why would I want Halloween candy for Thanksgiving?”

“But, Mom,” Bill interrupted.  “We don’t get trick or treaters here.”

“Yes we do,” she argued.

“We haven’t for the two Halloween’s we’ve be here,” he argued.  “And the first year we were here you said you never get kids on Halloween.”

“Maybe because you never turn on the porch light on Halloween.  Maybe if you did then they’d come.”

“Sure and maybe if I turn it on at Christmas, Santa will leave me a Porsche,” he countered.

“Stop it you two.  Mom, we’ll get the candy and leave on the light,” I said, playing mother to the two kids again.

“Good.  And while you’re at it, pick up those little bags of M&Ms.  That way, if no one comes, I can use them to refill my candy jar,” she suggested with a little sly grin.

She’s not fooling anyone.  Trick or treaters my patootie!


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