Sheriff Joe for President?

“There’s a story coming up on the news about Sheriff Arpaio and his partner.  Something about how they’re not getting along,” Mom announced when I brought her dinner in from the kitchen.

“His partner?” I asked.  “Do you mean his ex-chief, Hendershott?”

“No, they said his partner,” she insisted.

“His wife?” Bill asked.

“No, no, his partner.  They said it very clearly.  They’re not getting along and have started drinking.  Oh, look, here’s the story.”

We watched with rapt attention as the story unfolded.  It was a piece about a new afternoon talk show on the local ABC affiliate, and the first person interviewed was Sheriff Joe.  They sound bite was from a discussion about, if Sheriff Joe was the president, how he would handle the problems with Congress’ lack of partisanship.  His solution was that everyone could get along if they just sat down over a beer.


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