It’s the Fall Premier Season on TV and Bill and I were watching one of our favorites, Fringe.  During a commercial break, I needed to take my own break and wandered through the living room on my way to the
bathroom.  I was stopped dead in my tracks by what Mom seemed to be watching on the TV.

“Mom,” I said gently, “What in the world do you have on?”

“It’s the Family.”

“Do you mean Family Feud?”

“No, the Family channel.  It’s supposed to be Funniest Home Videos.”

“But they’re speaking Spanish,” I commented.

“That’s just a commercial,” she responded.

“Okay, but that sounds like Spanish too,” I said as the next advertisement began.

“Well, it’s probably only the commercials then,” she rationalized.

“What channel number is this?” I asked.

“I think it’s 39.”

“I hate to burst your bubble, Mom, but that’s a Spanish-speaking station.”

“It is?” she asked, then picked up the TV Guide to double-check.  “Why would they show Funniest Home Videos,” she muttered, leafing through the pages of the Guide.  “That’s an American show.”

I left her pouring over her beloved TV Guide and counter-checking it with the newspaper’s version of the TV Magazine.  If nothing else, Mom is a thorough researcher of all things related to television programming.  Plus, I figured that would keep her busy until Blue Bloods came on.  She has that channel number memorized.


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