I Hear Voices

At least twice a week, Mom wakes up to a new noise.  And every time it happens, she asks Bill if he heard it.  I guess this is because he’s up at 5:30 and I usually sleep in until 6:30 or 7:00.  This morning she came out of her bedroom at 7:15 and walked across the hall into our office where we were checking email

“Did you hear a loud horn around 6:00?” she asked Bill.

“Nope,” he replied, double-clicking on another piece of spam.

‘”It was like a car horn but really long,” she added.

“It might have been a car alarm,: I offered.  “Maybe the people who talk outside your bedroom window bumped a car on their way towards the house.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” she said.  “They’re usually there around 5 or so.  Besides, I didn’t hear anyone talking today, just the horn.”

“Maybe it was so loud you couldn’t hear them talking?” I said, joking with her a bit.

“Maybe,” she replied seriously, actually thinking about it.  “Why, did you hear them talking this time, Bill?”

“Nope,” he grunted, closing Outlook and opening Explorer.

“I just don’t understand how you never hear anything outside.  Especially the screaming.  I’m surprised the police didn’t come when I heard that last week.”

“Screaming?” I asked, glancing over my shoulder at Bill.  He just shrugged and logged onto his Amazon account.

“Yes, screaming,” she said, nodding her head for emphasis.  “I got up to pee around 2:00 in the morning like I usually do and someone was screaming right outside the bathroom window.  I can’t believe neither one of you heard it.”

“Well then, you must hear the garbage trucks every Tuesday and Friday at 6:30,” Bill interjected.

“No, I roll over on my good ear, so I never hear them.”  And with that she toddled out of the room, heading toward the kitchen and her crossword.

“Bill,” I whispered, swiveling my chair around to face him.  “She’s hearing stuff a lot lately.  What do you think it is?”

“I haven’t got a clue,” he muttered, opening my blog window to check my readership stats.  “Maybe the new clock radio we got her plays weird sounds.”

I actually gave that a few seconds of serious thought, debated whether or not to check it out, then realized he was kidding.

“Interesting idea,” I said.  “Instead of ocean waves and rain it plays car alarms and screaming.  I think you’re on to something.  Quick, email Brookstone!”


2 Comments on “I Hear Voices”

  1. Sherri Hamilton says:

    I love these blogs – your life is interesting.

    • Patt says:

      Thanks, Sherri. I don’t know about interesting, but I try to relate the funny stuff that happens around here. Fortunately I have a wealth of inspiration. Hope all is well.

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