Penguin Walk-About – The Sequel

Several months ago there was a story on the news about an Emperor Penguin that got lost and ended up swimming from Antarctica to New Zealand (see Penguin Walk-About).  He became critically ill from eating sand, which he seems to have mistook for snow.  The follow-up story was about the penguin’s remarkable recovery and how he was being returned to his home in a special snow-filled glass cage aboard an Antarctica-bound research vessel.

At the time of the original event, I got a convoluted version of the story from Mom (see Penguin Walk-About) but, since we were all sitting in front of the TV watching the same news story on the penguins
recovery and upcoming return to Antarctica, I assumed she’d have an accurate grasp on this follow-up event.  Wrong!

“Isn’t that nice,” she said when the story ended.  “I guess they raised enough money to send him back to New Zealand.”

“Who sent him where?” Bill stuttered out, looking towards me as I sat on the couch munching my pizza and preparing to take mental blog notes.

“California,” she said.  “I remember when that penguin landed there and they were going to raise money to send him back.”

“Back to New Zealand?” Bill asked.  “He’s from Antarctica, not New Zealand.”

“Well then why are they sending him back to New Zealand?” Mom asked.

“They aren’t, Mom,” Bill answered, closing his eyes and slowly shaking his head.  I could read his mind and he was thinking ‘why didn’t I just shut up!’  “They’re sending him back to Antarctica.”

“Well that’s just crazy.  If the boat trip from California doesn’t kill him, then getting dumped on a strange iceberg will!”

I think Bill almost lost an eye because they were both bulging out of his face, which was also turning a lovely ripe tomato red.  His glasses seemed to steam up, and could be what caused him to bump into the door frame as he escaped into the kitchen.


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