Arizona Time Zone Warp

In the last few months, Mom, along with millions of other people, have rediscovered Betty White.  I think Mom feels a connection with Ms. White because of the closeness of their age.  Every time she see Betty White on a talk show or  in a commercial, it jogs her memory that she’s in a sitcom – she just can’t  remember the name of it, when its on, or what station is carrying it.  So – without fail, she’ll call me into the room.  As soon as I see what’s on TV, I’ll blurt out “Hot In Cleveland.  Wednesday at 7.  TV Land.”  At this point, she’ll grab the TV magazine that comes with the Sunday paper and double check the information.

Unfortunately, the local TV magazines lists the start times for all the satellite/cable channels in Eastern Daylight Time – not in Arizona-Mountain-We-Never-Go-On-Daylight-Savings-Time, which means that everything is listed as starting three hours before it actually comes on the air.  Hot In Cleveland is listed on TVL as beginning at 4:00 not 7:00.  This is frustrating, but Mom has been able to compensate, for the most part, by only watching local channels or memorizing when her favorite satellite shows are on.  Something new, like Hot In Cleveland, throws a monkey-wrench into her TV watching system.  And, for reasons that
are beyond my ability to comprehend, she refuses to use the on-screen Direct TV Guide.  Maybe pushing the ON/OFF button and number buttons represent the limit of her technical capabilities because at least once a week there’s a TV crisis that results in her yelling for Bill.  The problem is always a result of her pushing the wrong buttons on the remote and creating a ‘No Signal’ or a snowy screen.

This past Sunday night as I passed through the living room, I noticed she had a ‘newsertainment’ program on – it was 20/20 or 60 minutes.  I’m not sure which because they both look the same to me.

“You know Mom, Hot In Cleveland is on TV Land right now.”

“No it isn’t.  It’s on Wednesday.”

“I know, but TV Land is showing some of the old episodes so you can catch up if you want.”

As usual, she grabbed the TV magazine to verify the information before tuning in to channel 304.  She flipped pages back and forth for a minute before looking up at me.  “Well I can’t watch it now.  It was on three hours ago.”

“No, that’s just the way the TV guide lists them, remember?”

“Oh, right.  But I still can’t watch it now.”

“Why?” I asked, since I knew it was a multi-episode marathon.

“Because the TV guide says it started at 5:00 and it 8:00 now so it ended an hour ago!”

I left the room without further comment, seriously debating a pre-bedtime cocktail.  After all, according to the TV magazine, it’s 5:00 somewhere!


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