Don’t You Just Hate Those X-Rated Condo’s?

Bill and I were helping our 88 year-old friend Vivian Rose with a garage sale in preparation for her move into an assisted living community.  During a lull in the sales activity we were sitting around talking about the weather, politics and other random topics while waiting for the next car to pull up and, hopefully, buy everything we had left so we could get out of the heat.  We had just finished discussing hurricane Irene and mulling over the Republican field for the upcoming 2012 election when Vivian made another U-turn in the

“You know, it’s a shame the way kids are being raised now a-days,” she said.

“How do you mean,” asked Bill.

“Well, they spend all their time texting and not enough time talking.”

“I know,” I offered.  “Plus they aren’t allowed to ‘lose’ at anything.  Everyone has to win.  They’re in for a rude awakening when they get out into the real world.”

“And the worst thing is,” Vivian interjected.  “They’re teaching 8th graders how to use condominiums!  I think it’s just disgraceful,” she huffed.


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