Sun City Trivia

Remember the TV shows you loved when you were young?  Then you better write them down or be repared for a rousing game of ‘Sun City Trivia’ someday when you least expect it.  Bobbing with the bobbers last weekend, a sudden outbreak of nostalgia rippled through the water like a pebble splash in a pond.

“Remember Uncle Miltie?” Marge asked no one in particular.

“Oh yeah, the umm, the Texaco something,” responded Rodger.

“Texaco Star Hour,” said Bill.

“Right, that’s the ticket.  And how about Red Skelton.  His show was really great.”

“And so was Gleason.  What was that one?” the other Bill interjected.

“The Honeymooners,” answered Bill.

“That’s it.  I loved that show,” chimed in Rodger’s wife Irene.  “And I really like that one with Donald Howard.”

“Who?” I asked.

“You know, he was a little kid and his father was the sheriff.  Was it Bob Newton?”

“You mean Bob Newhart?  No, it was Ron Howard and Andy Griffith.  Andy of Mayberry,” said Bill.

“That’s who I meant,” Irene said.  “And that Bob Newton’s show was really good too.”

Newhart,” I offered, winking at Bill.  ” So was Carol Burnett.”

“Tim Connelly and Harry Korman were the best,” added Irene

“Boy I’ll say,” said Paul.  “Those two just cracked me up.”

Bill rolled his eye at me and muttered “Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.”

“Aren’t they dead?” asked Marge.  “I think just about everyone’s dead.”

“Tim Conway’s still alive.  And so is Carol Burnett.”  I said. ”She was on an episode of Glee last season.”

“Glee?” the other Bill, Paul and Marge asked at once.

“Yeah, it’s a show about a Glee Club.” I explained.  “It’s really funny and the music is great.  It’s very popular.”

“When’s it on?” asked Rodger.

“Wednesday at 7:00,” Bill said.

“Oh well, we watch Lawrence Welk on PBS then,” said Irene.

“I know, isn’t he wonderful?” said Marge, almost swooning.  “I think it’s amazing he’s still on the air.  I guess he’s just, you know, just… ummm, what’s that word?”

“Dead?” I asked.

“No, no, that other word that means, you know, that something’s been around a lot.”

“Promiscuous?” Bill whispered.  He then offered aloud “timeless?”

“That’s it,” shouted Marge.  “Timeless.  He’s, um… oh crap, who were we talking about?”


One Comment on “Sun City Trivia”

  1. notquiteold says:

    My polish grandfather (my Dziadzi) used to like Walter Honkite. My husband reminisces about All in The Family with Sally Summers.

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