Wheel of Price Is Right

Mom seems to have invented her own game show.  I’m not sure what the rules are, but she seems to have come up with it in between bites of cashew chicken.

We were eating dinner and watching the local 6:00 news when they played a promotion for Wheel of Fortune, which follows the news at 6:30.  “That’s Jodie,” she exclaimed suddenly.  “She really won big last night.”

“She must have,” I commented.  “It shows her winning $30,000.  She must have done all right on the final puzzle.”

“She did and it was lucky she even got it, but she hit one dollar exactly.”

“One dollar?” I asked.

“Yes, you know.  Two people spin and the closest one gets to bid.”

“Mom, that’s Price Is Right.  This was Wheel of Fortune.”

“No, it’s Wheel of Fortune.  You and another person spins the wheel and the closest to a dollar gets to solve the final puzzle.”

“Did they change the rules?”

“Well they must have because Jodie won now, didn’t she.”


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