Sun City Roofie

Bill was pouring coffee today when Mom perked up suddenly and commented, “What’s that pounding noise?”.

“Sounds like someone is getting a new roof”, Bill responsed.

This is a common activity here in Sun City.  After all, the community celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.  Some of the homes have patch-worked roofs that have never been replaced, just repaired over the decades.  Most of these are owned by Snowbirds who are only here in the winter or use the house as a rental.  Most homes are covered with their second roof, which, at this point, makes them 20 to 30 years old.  Mom’s roof was replaced about 15 years ago, so we figure we’re good for another 5 to 10 years or the next major monsoon – whichever comes first.

Anyway, Bill glanced out the window and spotted the flatbed truck carrying the pallets of shingles.

“It’s Frank’s house,” he said, turning back to stir his coffee and suddenly realizing he’d gone down the slippery conversation slope. Mom has lived here for 24 years and only has a slight recollection of any of her neighbors.

“Who’s Frank?” Mom asked.

“Your neighbor,” Bill answered.

“Which one?”

“The one getting the new roof.” Bill teased.

“Which house is his?”

“The one at the corner of the cul-du-sac where they’re ripping off the old roof!” he said, sloshing coffee over the cup rim as he stirred it into a whirlpool of caffeine and Splenda.

“He’s the one who rides his bike every morning and always wears a funny hat and gardening gloves, right?” Mom asked.

“Yes,” Bill said, somewhat surprised that a connection had been made.  “And it looks like he parked his car in Fletch’s driveway.”

“Who’s Fletch?” she asked.


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