Bite Me?

Our grand-daughter Amber is turning 9 next week.  While spending the weekend with us, Bill wandered into our home office where she was logged onto a website where she could pick an avatar and change its hairstyle and clothes and play games to earn points to get different hairstyles and clothes.

“What are you doing kiddo?” he asked coming up behind her.

“Well, Papa, I’m on Friv just doing stuff.  But I need to talk to you about something.”

“Oh?  Well what’s up?”

She swiveled around in the chair and, with a very serious look on her face, she reached for Bill’s hand.  “Papa,” she started.  “As you may or may not know, I have a birthday coming up.”

“Yes, I know.  It’s August 17th.”

“That’s right.  And I’ve developed an interest lately in vampires.”

“Really.  Vampires?,” he responded, trying very hard to keep a serious expression on his face.

“Yes.  And so for my birthday, I’d like you to think about getting me some vampire teeth.”

Bill smiled, thinking of the white and red wax teeth of our youth.  “Well, maybe.  I’ll have to think about it.”

As quickly as a seasoned hacker, she spun around to face the keyboard, clicked on the Explorer icon and typed in a Web address.  Lo and behold, up popped with a full blown video.  These were not your Halloween waxed teeth.  These were glistening, pointy, white, retractable fangs that fit in front of your incisors.

“These are the ones I want, Papa,” she exclaimed, clicking on the video start button.  “They’re really cool.”

Once Bill regained his power of speech, he responded with remarkable calm.  “Well Amber, as you may or may not know, my birthday is three days after yours.”

“I know it is,” she said, smiling sweetly.  “Let’s make a pact.  I’ll get you something if you get me vampire teeth.”

“OK, how about this.  I’ll get you vampire teeth if you get me a golf cart.  He reached over her shoulders, typed golf carts into the Google search window, and selected one of the links that popped up.

“These are pretty cool,” he said, pointing at a pricy custom job.  “You can even get me a used one.  Because that’s what I really want for my birthday.”

She seemed to actually think about it for a moment or two, then looked up and said “I’ll get back to you, Papa.”


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