Bright Lights and Other Night Time Fun

Mom walked into the kitchen the other morning and asked Bill, “When you got up at five o’clock did you see the bright light?”

“No” he replied thinking this was going to be a repeat of last spring’s bright light sighting.  It went something like “I saw a bright light but it turned out that I was looking a street light without my glasses.”  This turned into a weeklong saga.

“Well, I got up around one in the morning and there was a bright light outside my window” she began

“You didn’t go towards it, did you?” Bill, quipped.

“No, I didn’t go outside.  I just raised my blinds, but I still couldn’t see where it was coming from,” she continued.

“That’s good.  We’re not ready to lose you,” Bill replied, trying another stab at humor.

“So then I went into my bathroom and looked out the window, but I couldn’t see anything”  Mom said, ignoring him.

“Maybe that’s because with window is textured and frosted? ” I offered.

“So then I went into the hall and into the office and looked out that window, but I still couldn’t see anything” she went on, seemingly determined to make this a one way conversation, until she had a ‘squirrel’ moment.  “Boy you know you guys really snore a lot.  You should have something done about that.  It’s not as bad as Patty’s father used to snore, but it’s not good.”

…and that’s another “Bright Light” saga de-railed, but replaced by the knowledge that my 85 year old mother is wandering around the house at one o’clock in the morning  evaluating our sleeping habits.

The next night on the 10:00 news, there was a story about a couple of women in Chandler who saw ‘strange, bright lights moving around in the sky.’  Apparently, the lights couldn’t be explained as yet, so maybe Mom was onto something.  Another “Phoenix Lights” legend in the making perhaps?  UFO’s really seem to love the Valley of the Sun.  Could be they’re from Mercury and our summer climate reminds them of home.


2 Comments on “Bright Lights and Other Night Time Fun”

  1. unsweptstone says:

    God bless her! I’m sure she went to bed that night feeling vindicated. 🙂

    • Patt says:

      Thanks for reading my blog – Mom is a fountain of fun stories and my husband and I love relating them. And yes, she did feel vindicated.

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