One If By Pee

One benefit of living in Arizona, and in particular Sun City, is the abundance of fresh citrus from thousands of orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerine and tangelo trees.  If you don’t have a tree in your yard, odds are your neighbors have at least one if not a half a dozen.

Across the street, our snowbird neighbor has two grapefruit, an orange and a tangelo tree in the backyard.  They not only let us pick hatever we’d like, they beg us to since they’re only in-residence from November until April.  So we are fortunate that, starting around Christmas and into May, we get to have fresh grapefruit each morning.

One morning in early April, as I began toasting bagels for Bill and myself, I asked Mom if she’d like grapefruit.  She usually has a half most mornings, unless I’m late in asking and she’s well into her banana and breakfast bar ritual.  This particular morning, however, she
declined – apparently forever.  “I really think drinking my orange juice and eating grapefruit is making my urine dark.”

This phenomenon has been on-going and the source of several conversations – all of which fall into the “Too Much Information” category.  And explaining that it’s the 10 zillion IU’s of vitamin C and B pills that she takes each day that is causing the bright yellow pee is simply not an acceptable explanation.  It always garners a “Hmmmmf” response, with the ‘I hear you but don’t believe it because you’re not a doctor or a vitamin professional’ inflection.

Two weeks later, I was privy to another update on the ever-perplexing colored pee report.

“I’m going to stop taking my B-12 and B-Complex vitamins” Mom announced.

“Oh?” I asked, knowing exactly where this was going.

“Yup.  I haven’t taken any for a couple of days and when I go to the bathroom it’s a normal color.  I really think it was the pills.”

“You think so?” I responded.

“Yes, I do.  So I’ll be eating grapefruit again, too.”


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