In the Bag

I was in the Albertson’s checkout line here in Sun City watching Roger, the long-time bagger, carefully put my purchase into my cloth shopping bags.  I do try to do my bit and recycle and use cloth bags and I’m pretty good about it.  I figure I remember to get the bags out of the back of my car at least half the time – the other half I’m having an adult moment or so busy dodging seniors trying to park in the same handicapped spot that it just slips my mind.

Roger, my favorite bagger, is retired and working at Albertson’s to supplement his fixed income.  Plus he really seems to enjoy himself.  He’s constantly joking with customers and cutting up with whichever cashier he’s bagging for.

I had finished paying and was waiting for Roger to put the remaining items into my third cloth bag when he said “sorry for the delay.  This bag just isn’t cooperating today.”

“I know,” I comment.  “They’re kind of floppy.”

“Yup,” he responded.  “Pretty much like the rest of us at our age!”


One Comment on “In the Bag”

  1. The Hobbler says:

    Gotta love a good sense of humor. If he ever wants to know how to be sexy in a wheelchair give him these tips:

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