Life Lesson #19

Our grand kids came to visit this weekend.  Amber is 9 going on 16 and Jack is 6.  Amber is a typical girly girl – hair-do re-dos, surfing the internet for cloths and accessories, and dreaming of being a singer – then acting it out every time she goes into the bathroom.  She’s not American Idol material yet, but that doesn’t stop her from belting out a Bieber song or something from a Nickelodeon show.

Jack, on the other hand, likes to play with our PS3.  Or, when we cut him off after he’s played for an hour, he likes to use Bill’s computer to listen to music or play kids games.  And he likes to talk.  And talk, and talk.  And he’s also quite the philosopher.

For example, when we took the kids to the pool for the afternoon, Bill plopped down on the edge of the deep end and dangled his feet in the water while he watch the kids play.  After jumping into the water to create the biggest splash possible, Jack swam up to Bill, grabbed his feet like they were ladder rungs, and said “You know, Papa, here’s a life lesson.  Don’t ever do a cannon ball into a Jacuzzi.”

Yes, Jack says things like ‘life lesson.’


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