Penguin Walk-About

“Did you hear about the penguin?” Mom asked as I was making my way through the living room into the kitchen.

“Penguin?  What penguin?” I said.

“The one that swam here,” she replied.  “It was on the news.”

“Swam from where?”

“From New Zealand.”

“And it swam here?  To Arizona?”

“No, not here-here.  Somewhere else here.”

“You mean like California or Oregon?”

“Yes, someplace like that. I don’t remember where exactly.   Anyway, they’re raising money.”

“They?” I asked, becoming even more confused.  “Who’s they?”

“The people where the penguin swam to.”

“Raising money for what?  To give to the penguin?”

“No, to send it back to New Zealand.”

“Mom, they don’t have penguins in New Zealand.  How could it come from New Zealand?”

“I don’t know, but that’s what they said.”

I left the room, shaking my head and continued my trek into the kitchen where I found Bill with his hands over his mouth, tears streaming down his face, laughing so hard he was doubled over.

“OK, smarty,” I whispered.  “What’s the real story?”

Trying to pull himself together, he managed to sputter out “Antarctica.  To New Zealand.  Not California.”


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