The Real Skinny

Every Thursday, when the fashion section in the newspaper comes out Mom calls me into the kitchen while she eats her banana and breakfast bar, reads the newspaper and does the crossword puzzles.

“Patty, come here, come here and look at this.  The fashions for women are terrible, just terrible.  You wouldn’t catch me dead in these clothes.  They’re all too short and show too much.  Legs and boobs are hanging out everywhere.  And look at these two-piece bathing suits.  Nope, I’d never wear anything like that.  And who in the world would?”

“Maybe people with great figures or people who don’t care what other people think?” I asked.

“I don’t think anyone should show that much skin, it’s disgusting.”

“Well Mom, probably not if you’re 85 years old or shaped like an avocado like I am.”

“No, probably not.  But even when I was younger, I never would have worn clothes like that.”

“They’ve been around a long time.  You know, I have a picture of you from 1955 in a two piece suit and you looked pretty good.”

“Well maybe – I just know I’d never wear anything where my boobs were hardly covered or my butt was hanging out.”

“Then I guess you’re lucky you don’t have to worry about today’s fashions.”

“I guess so, but somebody should worry about it!”


One Comment on “The Real Skinny”

  1. Jenny says:

    You should have posted an animated picture of a lady in a thong – that would have totally emphasized Mom’s reaction to today’s fashion! Hahaha!

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